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You can help local families in need today!

Because of you, Susie is so excited for the first day of school!

Susie is the daughter of a single mom and hated the first day of school because they could not afford her school supplies. Because of your generosity, Susie (and other schoolchildren of families of need) has a backpack filled with the supplies for the first day of school.

Grandma feeds her grandchildren because of your generosity!

Emma enjoyed being a grandma and spending time with her grandchildren. Then, through a tragic set of circumstances, her grandchildren's parents were gone and Emma is now raising her grandchildren. She didn't know how she was going to be able to do it on a fixed income when she could barely put food on the table for herself. Emma then learned The Gathering Source helps with school supplies and weekend meal packs for the kids during the school year. In addition, The Gathering Source has a food pantry so she has access to healthy food for her grandchildren.